DuPont’s Spark Digital Academy 

Resource Type
Case Study
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Ruben Mancha, Salvatore Parise
Tools & Techniques, Digital Innovation
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This whitepaper summarizes DuPont’s efforts to launch and scale its Spark Digital Academy, the challenges it faced, and the lessons the company learned. The text relies on several interviews with DuPont’s leaders responsible for the conception, launching, and management of the Digital Academy. It presents insights for other organizations to use in their digital transformation efforts.

Key take-aways: 

  • Build from and scale to the entire organization using existing learning and development programs.
  • Work to meet the needs of the individuals and the organization.
  • Connect digital training programs to the realities of the job market.
  • Promote the roles of executives as sponsors, students, and advocates.
  • Decide on a balance of experiential, peer, and formal instruction that works for the audience and the type of learning they seek.
  • Encourage group work in experiential projects.
  • Consider the additional workload reskilling programs bring to employees and design curriculum and program elements for flexibility.
  • Create a scalable digital infrastructure.
  • Launch a digital academy not as an isolated effort but as part of a broader digital transformation action plan.