Effectiveness of University Engagements Project Update

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Rhonda Crate, Saurabh Sircar
Alliances/Collaborations, IP Management
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Effectiveness of University Engagements Project Update

This session will serve as an update from the IRI PILOT project: Effectiveness of University Engagements. Within the broad topic of Effectiveness of University Engagements, they have narrowed their project focus to Intellectual Property (IP)-related issues, particularly: – IP Ownership – IP Commercialization – IP Risk Management. To get more granularity on these topics, they will solicit survey and interview responses from two categories: University representatives and Company representatives. They will present the survey questions for these three dimensions during the webinar. The survey questions from the three dimensions will lead to three independent research questions. These three research questions will lead to a synthesis of an overall research question. Finally, they will present the plan and timeline for executing the project.