February RTM Lunch & Learn with Ademir Vrolijk

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Ademir Vrolijk
Continuous Improvement, Knowledge Management, Process Mapping and Design
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RTM Lunch & Learn Discussion

What kind of solver should you attract for your innovation contes?

Ademir Vrolijk introduces the opportunist-transactor dichotomy, which bridges the gap of whom to attract in innovation contests and how to attract them. 

Watch a presentation on a concrete way to influence who shows up to solve innovation contests. There are different kinds of solvers, and some are expected to do better than others. Opportunists view the innovation contest as an onramp to a new pursuit instead of a temporary undertaking. Understanding solvers according to this new dichotomy may be a better predictor of success, according to the authors’ study. Ademir will offer a deeper understanding of participants that participate in complex contests, and he’ll provide a concrete way to influence who shows up to solve.

“The Opportunists in Innovation Contests,” which was published in RTM Volume 66, Issue 1.