How Milliken removed PFAS from its operations – Sustainability Thought Leader Interview with Jeff Strahan, Director of Research, Compliance, and Sustainability at Milliken & Company

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Jeff Strahan, Lee Green
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How Milliken removed PFAS from its operations

September 2023

Explore Milliken’s proactive response to the challenges posed by PFAS, from initial realization to strategic shifts in R&D and analytics. We delve into leadership alignment, communication with customers, and SAP-related challenges. Concluding with an evaluation of the PFAS supply chain’s reaction and Milliken’s current status post-PFAS removal.

Jeff Strahan is the Director of Research, Compliance, and Sustainability for Milliken & Company’s Textile Division. His responsibilities include managing a portfolio of projects to research, develop, and deliver new products and technologies that are defensible and profitable. Additionally, he leads the division’s sustainability initiatives and ensures businesses and products comply with all applicable laws and regulations across the globe.  Over his decade at Milliken, he has held a variety of roles including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, research, development, and sustainability in Milliken’s nonwovens, flame retardant textiles, composite, and upholstery markets. Jeff received a B.S. in Chemistry from Gonzaga University and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.