Improving Workplace Morale and Motivation

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Innovation Research Interchange
Culture, Leading Innovation Organizations, Tools and Techniques
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This Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) report shares examples of how organizations can boost morale, particularly for innovation and R&D practitioners, by remaining cognizant of employee workplace challenges, providing support, and fostering a culture of innovation. The practices outlined in this report have been used by a variety of organizations across industries working to create a positive work environment while encouraging employees to perform at their highest potential.

Key take-aways: 

  • Senior leadership should actively build relationships to better understand morale and the actions that can be taken to sustain and improve it.
  • Continued coaching and training opportunities for mid-level managers will have a positive corollary effect on employees and teams.
  • Encouraging innovation, both by allowing time for it and soliciting ideas from throughout the organization, demonstrates a commitment to its value that translates through to staff and their dedication to innovation.