IRI DEI Thought Leader Interview – Corinne Post, The Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair In Business Leadership And Professor Of Management, Villanova School of Business

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Lee Green, Corinne Post
Leading Innovation Organizations, Talent Management, Organizational Vision
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DEI Thought Leader Interview – Corinne Post, Villanova School of Business

May 2022

IRI’s Lee Green and Corinne discuss the impact of belonging to a specific group (women, racial minority) on R&D scientists and engineers’ career trajectories and how having women in leadership impacts organizations’ long-term innovation strategies as well as the tools that diverse R&D teams need to be able to innovate effectively.

Corinne Post

The Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair In Business Leadership And Professor Of Management

Villanova School of Business

Corinne Post is the Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair in Business Leadership and Professor of Management at Villanova School of Business.  Dr. Post has 20+ years of research and teaching experience in diversity and diversity management –how it affects individuals, groups, and organizations.   Dr. Post’s research – published in leading scientific journals – notably addresses questions related to women and boards and in top management teams but also around: diversity as enabler or impediment to group and organizational performance; mechanisms underlying gender and racial/ethnic differences in career trajectories and outcomes; and gender and leadership.   Her research has been discussed in such media as Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post and presented to academic and professional audience worldwide. She earned her Ph.D. from Rutgers University (USA).