PILOT – Transformational Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship

Resource Type
Research Project
Louis Musante, Sean Ammirati, Dan Dennehy, Sue Cohen
Business Model Innovation, Conducting Business Experiments, Breakthrough Innovation
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Research Project

Initiated:  Winter 2020

Expected completion:  Spring 2022

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Value proposition

  • Acceleration of the transformation of corporate entrepreneurship capabilities by identifying best and next practices executives and high-level managers can use to focus and support their organization’s non-incremental innovation initiatives.
  • Validation of a practical working model of corporate entrepreneurship that includes research and development activities, corporate venturing and strategic renewal including business model innovation and business process reengineering.
  • A baseline set of comparative statistics with which companies can compare their current entrepreneurship practices and performance.
  • Creation of language, with companies, to better define corporate entrepreneurship and to make it more measurable and actionable.


  1. Secondary Research – Identify trends and published corporate entrepreneurship practices and processes. Builds-off ongoing work at Echo and CMU.
  2. Primary Quantitative Research – Survey instrument design and testing builds-off existing work at Echo. Data collection via online and telephone survey. Data processing, data visualization, data analysis and report preparation.
  3. Primary Qualitative Research – Virtual meetings to share findings with interested parties for feedback on statistics generated, working model of corporate entrepreneurship and the initial language construct.


Q-1 Kick-off & Survey Design
Q-2 CE Survey # 1 Testing & Refinement
Q-2 Project Update May @ IRI Annual Meeting
Q-2 Data Collection & Data QC
Q-3 Summer Workshop Corporate Entrepreneurship IRI-Echo-CMU
Q-3 Data Collection Continues & Data QC
Q-4 Data Analysis & Report Publication
Q-4 December X Second Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum IRI-Echo-CMU

Q-1 RTM Article Submission
Q-1 Knowledge Transfer – Individual Company Presentations & Webinars
Q-2 Presentation @ IRI Annual Meeting
Q-3 Summer Workshop Corporate Entrepreneurship IRI-Echo-CMU
Q-3 CE Survey # 2 Refinement & Testing
Q-3 Data Collection & Data QC
Q-4 Data Analysis & Report Publication
Q-4 December X Third Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Forum CMU-Echo-IRI

Anticipated Deliverables

  • Summary of the global trends in corporate entrepreneurship
  • A ranked list of challenges and opportunities for corporate entrepreneurship
  • A validated set of best and next practices that reflect evidence -based research but are nascent in practice, such as R&D social network analysis, corporate entrepreneurship process modeling, and language crafting to enable business model innovation
  • Version 1.0 of a corporate entrepreneurship language lexicon and construct

Knowledge Transfer: Echo Strategies plans to share study findings using an integrated communication strategy including an RTM article, presentations at IRI Annual Conferences and other IRI meetings as well as webinars and a podcast series on corporate entrepreneurship.

Project leads 

Louis Musante – Founder – Echo Strategies
Sean Ammirati – Director – Carnegie Mellon University, Corporate Startup Lab
Dan Dennehy – Manager – Echo Strategies Corporate Entrepreneurship Practioners Group
Sue Cohen – Professor – University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business; Echo’s Corporate R&D CTO Advisory Network

Past presentations

Fall Networks 2020 session