PILOT – Digital Knowledge Management Techniques

Resource Type
Research Project
Innovation Research Interchange
Culture, Knowledge Management, Digital Innovation
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Research Project

Initiated: Fall 2022

Expected completion: Spring 2023

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Value proposition:

With increased turnover, companies must work quicker than ever before to capture knowledge employees have gained over a few years or entire careers. This project will identify ways innovation professionals are working to capture this knowledge and the digital tools that are enabling this to be done more effectively and efficiently.


November 2022Kickoff webinar.

Discussed what the biggest challenges members are currently facing.
January 2022Roundtable discussion #1
In this roundtable, the conversation will focus on the decision-making process around what historical data to keep and who makes those decisions.
February 2023Roundtable discussion #2
This will focus on what digital tools are available to capture knowledge, and how a list of features in generated.
March 2023Roundtable discussion #3

Members will discuss how their organizations work to encourage team members to preserve and share their knowledge.
Spring 2023Whitepaper of findings published.

Anticipated deliverables:

The IRI staff will share their findings through a whitepaper.

Project leaders:

IRI Staff with members participating throughout the project.