PILOT – Improving R&D Response in a Future Crisis

Resource Type
Research Project
Shah Karim, Ashtosh Ganjoo, Guy Rosenthal, Paloma Pimenta, Marita Alegre, Vijay Balakrishnan, Tom Kavassalis, Greg Munoz, Joel Schall, Terry Rosenstiel, Tim Swales, Michael Rubio, Dan Abramowicz
Leading Innovation Organizations, Organization/Future of Work
Associated Event
Research Project

Initiation: Spring 2021

Completion: June 2022

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Value Proposition:

Recent crises have had a crippling impact on many sectors at the national and international level. These events include health, economic, and natural disasters such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ever Given blockage of the Suez Canal, extreme flooding in Louisiana, Fukushima earthquake in Japan, and the power crisis in Texas. As a result, investors and corporate leaders are urgently looking for ways reduce risk and improve response in a future crisis.

The goal of this study is to help our R&D teams and leaders anticipate and respond more effectively in a future crisis. We build on the discussion from the IRI 2021 Annual Conference. Our team intends to compile and share key lessons learned from these recent disruptions in order to improve our preparedness and response at scale in a future crisis at both executive and operational levels.


We wish to ensure diversity of R&D participants and reflect the variety of challenges and recovery paths experienced in different parts of the economy. We expect to develop viewpoints through:

  • Executive management interviews
  • Steering Committee member presentations
  • Facilitated discussions with IRI members
  • Case studies on experiences

From these, we intend to select:

  • Lessons for R&D Leadership (strategic and C-level perspective)
  • Lessons Learned for S&OP (R&D Return to Work, Supply Chain/Sourcing)

For strategic vision, we may have CTO/C-level invited discussions.

For tactical lessons learned, these are the topics:

  • R&D Return to Office
  • R&D – back to the office experiences and recommendations
  • Supply Chain
    • Logistics
    • Sourcing


A report will be produced that will include:

  1. Leadership Lessons and R&D Crisis Management (strategic and C-level perspective)
  2. Lessons on R&D return to the office
  3. Lessons Learned for Supply Chain and Sourcing


Dan Abramowicz (Crown Holdings)

Marita Alegre (Church & Dwight)

Vijay Balakrishnan (Michelin)

Ashtosh Ganjoo (Vitro)

Shah Karim (SafeRock)

Tom Kavassalis (Xerox)

Greg Munoz (Sonoco)

Paloma Pimenta (Colgate-Palmolive)

Guy Rosenthal (USG)

Terry Rosenstiel

Joel Schall (Henkel)

Tim Swales (Johns Manville)