Research – Accelerating Conventional Innovation

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Innovation Research Interchange
Continuous Improvement
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Launch Date: 2011

What are the stall points that slow innovation? ACI ROR working group conducted a survey to obtain snapshots of stall points and improvements firms made to the development process to eliminate stall and accelerate innovation.  The group’s goals are to identify best practices for eliminating roadblocks and speeding the decision-making process for innovation. In place of the usual one-time deliverable, the ACI group has created the Success Story database for providing ongoing one-page updates of successes for eliminating stall points in NPD processes.

IRI members can help by:

  • Sharing stories of how companies have improved their development process
  • Identifying stall points that companies typically need to overcome
  • Utilizing the database of success stories to improve their NPD process
  • Joining the ACI ROR team to help collect and characterize success stories