Research – Collaboration Continuum

Resource Type
Research Project
Len Huskey, Peter Oelschlaeger, Natalie Schoch, Rob McNamee
Alliances/Collaborations, Knowledge Management
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Research Project



Report out Member Summit 2012

Brown Bag Discussion 2012


The project set out to understand the business value of Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) systems (also known as enterprise social computing and including such tools as social networking, forums, wikis, blogs, and microblogs, among others) in enabling collaboration and innovation. We defined a set of criteria that would help companies identify their place on the continuum and guidance on how to “move up” the continuum. The project deliverables included qualitative information about “leading edge” companies and empirical studies of member companies which have been reported elsewhere.

Len Huskey, US Army Research Lab
Peter Oelschlaeger, Sandia National Lab
Natalie Schoch, Kellogg Company
Subject Matter Experts
Rob McNamee, Temple University