Research – Navigating Future Global Crises: The Role of R&D

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Research Project
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Shah Karim, Marita Alegre, Ashtosh Ganjoo, Greg Munoz, Paloma Pimenta, Guy Rosenthal, Terry Rosenstiel, Vijay Balakrishnan, Lee Green
Risk Management, Strategic Planning
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Research Project

May 2021 – June 2022


Navigating Future Global Crises: The Role of R&D? – whitepaper

Value Proposition:

This study builds on a discussion from the IRI 2021 Annual Conference on the new normal. Recent crises have had a crippling impact on many sectors at the national and international level.  These events include health, economic, and natural disasters such as the covid-19 pandemic, Ever Given blockage of the Suez Canal, Fukushima earthquake in Japan, and the sudden cold snap in Texas. As a result, investors and corporate leaders are urgently looking for ways to reduce risk and improve future responses.


The study team included twelve IRI member companies who compiled and shared lessons learned from these recent disruptions to improve R&D preparedness and response at scale in future crises at both the executive and operational levels. The study team broke into three groups to examine what they deemed to be the most critical issues: leadership, return to the office, and supply chain.


Marita Alegre, Church & Dwight

Vijay Balakrishnan, Michelin

Lee Green, IRI

Ashtosh Ganjoo, Vitro

Shah Karim, SafeRock

Greg Munoz, Sonoco Products

Paloma Pimenta, Colgate-Palmolive

Guy Rosenthal, USG Corporation

Terry Rosenstiel, Paladin