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Innovation Research Interchange
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2003 – 2005


Complete portfolio evaluation and maturity assessment tools and provide feedback in the form of Special Interest Sessions in November 05 along with Journal Articles and Reports.

PDF icon Evaluating Radical Innovation Portfolios, RTM, Volume 50, Issue 5, September-October 2007


Radical innovation is about significant changes, not incremental steps. Many companies have fine-tuned their innovation system for incremental innovation and now realize they have to develop competence in radical innovation. This team was formed to understand how large established firms initiate, build and sustain a competency in managing radical innovation and to provide best known practices as well as practical tools to assist in establishing and improving this organizational competency within companies. 


Alan Ayers – Energizer
Ian Elsum – CSIRO
Ted Farrington
Steve May – ExxonMobil
Dave McKeough – Emeritus
Subject Matter Experts
Dr. Gina O’Connor – RPI
Dr. Mark Rice – Babson College