Wicked Problems Need WKID Innovation

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RTM Publication
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E. Natasha Stavros
Disruptive Innovation, Process Improvement
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Wicked problems result from complex systems and often have no single solution. WKID Innovation, a framework to tackle wicked problems, is modeled after the National Aeronautic Space Administration’s (NASA) science system engineering. NASA is a leader creating disruptive technologies that alter the way that people, companies, and industries operate. Since 1958, NASA has pioneered innovation to advance human knowledge, engineering the first human landing on the moon, successfully landing rovers on Mars, and leaving our solar system, literally going where no man has gone before. While driving innovation in new frontiers, NASA collects accurate, reliable Earth observations that change how we live. WKID Innovation is a framework to scale NASA processes for innovation, specifically by using the knowledge hierarchy to bridge design thinking and complex systems science to system engineer and manage disruptive innovation.