RTM 60th Anniversary Issue

Volume 60, Issue 1, January-February 2017

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From the Editor
Advancing the State of Practice
Jim Euchner

Science Fiction as Foresight
Vernor Vinge and Jim Euchner

Feature Article
2017 R&D Trends Forecast
Industrial Research Institute

Invited Article
Design, Business  Models, and Human-Technology Teamwork
Don Norman

Invited Article
Refocusing: How Design Can Help Industry Address New Challenges
Patrick Whitney

Invited Article
The Future of Open Innovation
Henry Chesbrough

Invited Article
Free Innovation by Consumers - How Producers Can Benefit
Eric von Hippel

Invited Article
Foresight and the Future of R&D
Christian Crews and Ted Farrington

Invited Article
Idea-to-Launch Gating Systems: Better, Faster, and More Agile
Robert G. Cooper

Invited Article
Building on Math and Science: The New Essential Skills for the 21st Century Engineer
Richard  K. Miller

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble Editor

Innovation for Innovators
The 21st -Century Printing Press
Roger Smith

The Rise of Innovation
MaryAnne M. Gobble

Innovation C-Scape
Looking into the Future
Pedictions from Our Contributors