2015 Member Summit: The Best Conversations Start Here - Agile Growth Strategies

2015 Member Summit


Change is occurring at a quicker pace than ever before and corporations must be agile in adapting to this change. Today's fluctuating business environment requires corporations deploy resources in flexible ways. Implementing agile growth strategies requires a shift in culture, mindset and best practices. More than 300 R&D and innovation professionals will gather in Chicago to discuss successes and lessons learned.


Networks are groups of like-minded peers facing similar challenges in an informal idea-sharing session. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to benchmark, discuss hot topics and, of course, network!

Networks Fall Meeting
September 16-18, 2015
Dearborn, MI

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Brown Bags

September 4. Noon Eastern.  Creating Cultural Change in a 115-year Old R&D Organization
Join Leslie Christensen to learn the practical steps Timken took to improve both speed of decision  making and alignment with its business culture.  Register for this teleconference today.

September-October RTM

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The Value of IRI Membership: Networking and Original Research