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Immerse yourself in tomorrow’s technologies at our SPRINGBOARD Conference: Smart Horizons—the Future of Intelligent Systems October 23-24, 2018 at RTI International’s Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and learn how trends in Intelligent Systems will reshape your industry.


Call for Presentations

IRI is now accepting proposals for presentations for our upcoming 2019 Annual Conference: Innovation Unleashed: Physical Meets Digital, April 29–May 2, 2019. Proposal Deadline: October 31, 2018

IRI is the Innovation Research Interchange

Formerly the Industrial Research Institute, we are home to a worldwide network of cross-industry leaders driving innovation and new growth – representing small specialty companies, large global corporations, government labs, and everyone in between.

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IRI advances the field of innovation management by generating contemporary practices that accelerate value creation. Participate in the leading interchange where intelligence is captured and used to help your organization flourish through ever-changing conditions. With immersive experiences that excite innovation leaders in all roles and career phases, the advantages of membership are endless.

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Tuesday October 23, 2018Wednesday October 24, 2018
The Springboard Conference, in partnership with RTI, features results of research on select trends, their impact on innovation leadership, and methods to apply these findings.
Monday October 29, 2018 2:00pmTuesday October 30, 2018 4:00pm
The topic of both 2018 CTO Forums is Digital Transformation - the progress of digital usage beyond simply supporting and enhancing traditional methods to inherently enabling new types of innovation,...

From pilot. To practice. In partnership.

IRI challenges conventional ways of managing innovation and equips members with curated trends, original research, and best-in-class benchmarking. Collaborate with other leaders and use rapid experimentation to pioneer next practices that improve value creation and help your teams decide in which ideas to invest.


Research-Technology Management (RTM), is IRI’s bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal written by and for innovation and R&D practitioners. RTM has been helping leaders of research, development, innovation, and engineering for nearly 60 years.

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