Code of Conduct

The Industrial Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter IRI) has adopted and implemented this Code of Conduct to ensure all IRI activities provide an optimal atmosphere for the exchange of knowledge and learning regarding the leadership and management of sustainable innovation processes.  This Code of Conduct supplements the IRI Participation Principles and Attendance Policy.


Information Exchange

It is the policy of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), and it is the responsibility of every IRI member, to comply in all respects with federal and State antitrust laws. No activity or discussion at any IRI meeting or other function may be engaged in for the purpose of bringing about any understanding or agreement among members to (a) raise, lower, or stabilize prices; (b) regulate production; (c) allocate markets; (d) encourage boycotts; (e) foster unfair trade practices; (f) assist monopolization, or (g) in any way violate Federal or State antitrust laws.


Additionally, accomplishment of IRI’s purposes requires the frank, mutual exchange of information on R&D management principles and practices.  Therefore, the utmost caution and restraint must be exercised in handling and using confidential information; all such information must be kept confidential and must be used solely for the benefit of the member companies or of the Institute. Otherwise, participants are free to use the information exchanged at IRI events provided the speaker’s identity, affiliation, and that of any other participant is withheld – unless such identification is obvious via video or other publications.


Intellectual Property

IRI research activities are conducted to further the interests of IRI and of member organizations collectively.  Any party involved in the development of intellectual property derived from such collaborative activities must abide by the IRI Participation Principles.



Speakers must agree to:

Not include or engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service. Speakers are allowed one slide to introduce the speaker’s organization, university, company, federal lab or other employer or sponsor of the research presented.

Comply with all program-related deadlines provided by IRI, including but not limited to deadlines for handouts, A/V requests, key-takeaways, etc.

Abide by the IRI Participation Principles regarding use of and copyrighting of material in all presentations.


Proper Environment

The following behavior and actions not directly related to IRI business or research are prohibited:

Unauthorized use of IRI mailing lists or using the IRI Member Database for marketing purposes.

Marketing of services during an IRI event by any party other than IRI Sponsors and Innovation Showcase participants within close proximity of their booths.

Individuals invited by Networks and Research Groups to assist in knowledge creation and/or dissemination will often develop a relationship with IRI members that may lead to a mutually beneficial business arrangement – however, direct marketing of services to such groups remains prohibited.

Meeting with attendees for marketing purposes during a session.

Non-members entering spaces or attending events marked for “Members and Prospects Only.”

Treating anyone in a disrespectful manner. Diversity of opinion is fundamental to innovation but all dialogue, reference to, and treatment of others must be conducted with the utmost respect. Furthermore, unlawful or discriminatory or harassing conduct, including but not limited to sexual harassment, towards any person present at an IRI event will not be tolerated.



Any person found violating this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the premises. Future attendance at any IRI event will be reviewed and may be in jeopardy.

Non-members invited to participate in a Network or Research Group do so at the discretion of the groups’ leadership; such invitations may be revoked at any time.


Any person who has any questions regarding this Code of Conduct should discuss the matter with the President of the Institute.