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Current Discussion

'R&D' and 'innovation' are often used interchangeably, but function differently across different organizations.  A better understanding of key R&D functions, their competencies, and how they relate to innovation will be beneficial for those looking to develop within these functions.  IRI's Innovation Career Paths project team is looking to gain a better understanding of the relationship between R&D and innovation in organizations and how they work together and interact.  In particular the roles in those spaces will be explored and the ways in which individuals can move between them to advance in their careers.  Please take a moment to take their short survey to help them learn more about the relationship between R&D and innovation in a variety of organizations.  

This is designed to be a quick benchmark to be shared with IRI members only.  IRI will collate all responses and maintain its confidentiality.  Results will be sent to all IRI members in aggregate form on Friday.  Take this survey


Recent Discussions

Survey: Dashboard Metrics
Sonoco is currently in the process of updating dashboard metrics to track progress against innovation goals for the company and is seeking feedback on what priority metrics your company tracks to benchmark industry best practices.

Survey: Aligning Expectations for an Innovation Process
An IRI member company is resetting its innovation process and is seeking peer information to help align expectations with internal stake holders.

How do you present your company's roadmap to customers?
Our organization has a robust technology roadmap process and we are exploring various ways to make the data understandable and relevant to a broad customer set.  How has your organization overcome this challenge?  In addition, do you have recommendations for how your organization has engaged customers directly in roadmap plans and updates?  

Survey: Benchmark of the Spending and Impact of Front-End-Innovation and R&D
In order to be competitive in the market, many companies invest in R&D for new innovative products, especially, front-end-innovation (early stage of R&D). The activities in the front-end-innovation include, for example: technology assessment for potential acquisition, technology scouting, idea management, exploratory projects, and university projects. My company has been doing this for several years. 

Survey: Identifying, Developing, and Launching Market-Based Solutions
LORD Corporation is seeking input on how other companies identify, develop, and launch market-based solutions.  Their need for continued growth is driving teams to re-evaluate how they develop, launch, and propagate "1 to many" solutions vs. their historic model of strategic and niche "1 to 1" solutions. 

Cost to Implement a new PLM system
We are looking for benchmark costs on implementing a new PLM system for a CPG company that maintains an active catalog of 11,000 products with 300 new product introductions a year and another 500 product revisions.  
We would like feedback regarding: 

  • What are expected one-time costs?
  • What are expected on-going maintenance costs? 

Survey: What is the career development structure of your R&D organization?
FM Global would like to benchmark with IRI peers to learn what the career development structure of various research organizations look like.  The impact of social media as well as shorter tenures influence employee expectations for mobility and we all want to stay relevant in the marketplace.

What vacation vesting schedule do you use for new hires?
PPG is evaluating its current vacation vesting schedule and would like to ensure we are competitive in the current market.  What vacation vesting schedule do you use for new hires? Does this schedule differ if a new hire holds a Ph.D.? 


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Friday June 16, 2017 1:00pm
Innovation is the top reason to embark on a biologically inspired design (BID) project, according to attendees of IRI's 2017 webinar "Biologically Inspired Design for Industry: An Evolving Practice...
Thursday May 11, 2017 9:30am
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