2017 Member Summit

Monday October 02, 2017Thursday October 05, 2017
Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Strategic Challenges in R&D Talent Management

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Powered largely by content developed within IRI, the Summit is an  in-depth exploration of various working group findings and special reports on IRI's year-long initiative on "Strategic Challenges in R&D Talent Management."

Confirmed Keynote:

Heather Whiteman, Head of People Strategy, Analytics & Operations, GE Digital


Join your colleagues to examine the findings from the main focus areas of this research project:

Tools to Embrace a more Fluid Workforce

  • With new recruits planning to only stay at organizations for a short period and lifers considering partial retirement, how can an R&D organization effectively plan for the competencies that will be needed now and in the long term?  

Recruiting and Retaining Early Career Technical Talent

  • Determine key elements of an early career development experience that maximize the mutual benefit for the employee and employer and enhances retention of top talent.

Career Paths for Innovation

  • Gain a better understanding of the role of the leader of the R&D function in an organization (e.g. CTO, VP of R&D, CSO; CTO for shorthand), the path that individuals take to that position, the competencies required to function well in the role, how the role functions within a large R&D organization, and the future of that role.

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